Since the school began, the haumana (students) of Hālau O ‘Aulani have shared their “aloha” through dance and music recitals. We teach hula, language, arts and crafts, ukulele and anything pertaining to the heritage of Hawai’i. Our haumana range from 5 years old to tutu. Our keiki (children) perform dances of Hawai’i and its Polynesian neighbors featuring melodies of old and new Hawai’i sung by “Nā Makua” (“parents” of the keiki).

Instruction Program

Classes: Classes are conducted weekly at regular times. For our location, see the sidebar column on the right.

Terms consist of a 4-month session and two 3-month sessions.

  • September through December
  • January through March
  • April through June

Ka Papa Hula Nui (Master Classes): Master classes are scheduled in each term. Instruction for these master classes will be provided by the Kumu Hula or eminent, qualified expert in the subject, and scheduled as part of the curriculum. The fee for each master class is already included in the term’s tuition. A discount will be provided for families with more than one sibling enrolled in the same term.

Evaluation Reports: Testing and evaluation components are built into each term. Evaluations are based on student’s proficiency and competence.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Available upon request as appropriate.

School Calendar

The instructors will provide prior to each term a copy of the term’s calendar which includes all regularly scheduled classes, field trips and extra-curricular and special activities.

Supplemental Instruction Aids

Tutorial Sessions: May be arranged, and video DVDs may be available.

Resource Library: Over 600 holdings in books, videos, CDs and DVDs related to Hawaiian history and culture are available.

Additional Curricular Activities

Workshops, independent studies, family gatherings, competitions, recitals, etc. may be available if sufficient interest and resources warrant.

Special Opportunities

  • Annual “ho’ike” (graduation recital) culminating in achievement recognition and advancement.
  • Opportunity to participate in local and national competitions.
  • Annual Kuliaikanu’u Award presentation in December to a student who, throughout the year, displayed exemplary traits in leadership, citizenship, behavior and, above all, a love of the Hawaiian culture and dedication to the halau.


Consistent with the purpose of instruction, performances will be the demonstration of classroom learning. Performances will be evaluated by the instructors appropriate to the level of the student. Beyond a demonstration of proficiency in the dance, performances are intended to be educational experiences to develop poise, confidence, pride in the cultural arts, and teamwork. Performing group composition, size, and assignments will be at the instructor’s discretion. Above all else, all performances are important and are intended to be productive educational experiences.

Performance Team

The school’s general policy is to accept performance invitations to allow every student an opportunity to demonstrate their learning. There are a few occasions when the caliber and demands of the performances require a special level of achievement. In order for the instructors to meet these few occasions, they utilize the instructors.

Field Trips

Class trips may be scheduled as part of the curriculum.