Amazon Associate

Hālau O ʻAulani has signed up to be an Amazon Associate, which will allow us to raise funds through the on-line shopping of hālau haumana, their ʻohana (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins) and friends. A small percentage (10%, 8.5% on digital orders, to a maximum of $10 per item) of any qualifying purchases you make during that visit to Amazon will be sent to Hālau O ʻAulani by Amazon. There is no extra charge on your Amazon order – you pay the same prices as any other visitor.

Use the link below which will take you to the home page. Once there, select items to purchase, complete the order and shipping forms, and confirm your details. It’s that easy! Just remember, our referral expires 24 hours after initially clicking our link; after that time, you’ll need to click on our link again.

Support Hālau O ʻAulani by using our referral link: Amazon Home Page. Mahalo!